Rockbreaker boom system

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Rockbreaker System Application

The stationary rockbreaker boom system consists of the rotating upper part of the frame or a swivel console, lift boom, arm with a hydraulic hammer attached to it. The lower part of the frame is firmly fixed to a base. Power is supplied by a hydraulic unit. The rockbreaker boom system is used to break up and crush stone, ore, slag, concrete and other materials.

When excavating and processing rock, the primary stone crusher becomes blocked by larger pieces of boulders and it is precisely the rock breaker boom system which solves the dangerous and laborious problem of clearing these boulders in the crusher. It is also used during primary crushing on frames. The relevant parameters are chosen for the rock breaker boom system depending on the given use: size and method, reaches, lifting capacity, the size of the hydraulic hammer and the output of the hydraulic unit.

Uses for primary jaw crushers and impact crushers

Lighter types of rock breaker boom systems are used for primary jaw crushers or impact crushers, with smaller hydraulic hammers capable of breaking extremely hard and abrasive large rocks. The rock breaker boom system is used to break up oversized pieces in the crusher or to free up the transport routes to the crusher.

Uses for primary gyratory crushers

Large and powerful rock breaker boom systems with large hammers constructed for continuous and heavy operation are intended for primary gyratory crushers. They are used to break up oversized pieces of crushed material or to free up caving (vaults) in the crusher.

Uses for mobile crusher

In the case of mobile crushers small rock breaker boom systems are used which are fitted directly to the structure of the mobile crusher.

Uses for crushing on grid (GRIZZLY)

For this type of crushing a rock breaker boom system with a suitably massive structure and a powerful and strong hammer which crushes the rock on a horizontal grid with defined opening sizes is used. This is primary crushing under continuous operation.


From the initial project until final delivery to the site of use, commissioning, and training of operators

fast crushing

Quickly eliminates crusher blocks and provides smooth material flow

high productivity

Increase in work productivity by reducing the downtime of the crusher


Suitable location of the equipment enables you to reach the crusher and hopper at the same time


Broad selection of length and depth ranges for all types of crushing lines

easy maintenance

High availability and easy maintenance in multi-shift operation


High level of safety of the operators' work


High performance of the hydraulic unit of our own design

easy to control

Sophisticated control system

hydraulic hammer

Utilizes the maximum performance of the hydraulic hammer

individual approach

Customized solution and optional equipment


Easy to operate

climate adaptability

Designed for arctic as well as tropical temperatures, explosive atmospheres, and high altitudes


Supply of the equipment from the initial project to final delivery to the worksite, commissioning, and training of operators


Extended warranty



The hydraulic unit is the source of power for hydraulic hammers from all major manufacturers. It is designed for maximum performance, reliability, and simple and efficient maintenance.


The boom system is designed to provide a high level of safety even during a power failure. The construction is carefully designed, optimized, and checked using the finite element method (fem).


The sophisticated control system meets safety and reliability requirements and at the same time is user-friendly. It communicates in profibus, profinet, modbus and other networks.

The GSM router allows you to monitor work conditions, failures, etc., in real time and thus prevent unplanned downtimes caused by neglecting regular maintenance.


The remote control provides operators with simple and well-arranged controls, as well as comfortable work throughout the shift and in all conditions. It meets the requirements of current and future trends.

To increase the productivity and safety of crushing line operators contact

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